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August 22nd 1999 - Lilith Fair;Second Stage


The last and final Lilith Fair in Toronto...and I was there! Emm totally rocked as usual, but the downside was that she had a 20 min set which is really short! So she started off with Phonecall 45...which was kinda different then the one I heard previously, but when I say different, I mean to say that it rocked!Then she did Revenge, off her new album Science Fair (which completely kicks ass)...then of course Summerlong and then my new favourite live song "Boy Races" was amazing. It was captivating and really well done. Her time was then up after that even though she asked for an extra 2 minutes to do one more song (I'm assuming that it was Closure)...but the guy said no...even after a loud wave of "Boos", but that's life for ya!So then she asked the people who wanted to meet her to go to the HMV tent. So after waiting in line for a long time I finally got to talk to Emm for a few seconds. And the amazing thing was that she remembered me! a few months ago, I had asked my mom to autograph something for me when Emm was at First Canadian Place. So when I was talking to Emm and she asked for my name, she said that it sounded strangely I told her about that FCP thing...and she remembered!that was really cool...anyways, I then complimented her watch and then said bye...(the watch thing: during her set, she opened up the face of the was kinda like a lid, then there's a small compartment there, where she had her guitar or what!?)