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April 17th - Lulu's, Kitchener


Let me just start off by saying that I live in Richmond Hill and the venue is in Kitchener, which is almost a two-hour drive. So I had pretty high expectations. I went with a friend and my parents (they actually like Emm, which I think totally kicks ass). We got there a bit early so we had to kill some time, we went to the Brick and i ended up breaking a vase, it was scary at the time, but now that i think about it, I find it hilarious. We stood in line to go inside (Lulu's) for about and hour. We got in and ate and stuff, and we found out that there were two openers, Ivana Santilli and Emm. Ivana did a really good job to my surprise. She had a jazz/pop thing going on and it sounded really good. Then Emm came on, and here are the songs she played in no particular order:

Your Sort of Human Being - Emm kind of altered the melody to the verses, but they sounded really good, so i'm not complaining. At this time most of the audience had no idea who the hell she was.

Phonecall 45 - she didn't do anything special with this song, but at this point, I realized that Emm is at her best LIVE.

Summerlong - when she played this song, you could hear people saying that they recognized this song, therefore, a great crowd pleaser.

Wisdom Bus - one of my absolute favourites!!I love this song, and I love it even more live!!

Acid - I think that a lot of the people from the audience connected with this song, and I could tell that they liked it (the song and the connecting) a lot.

89 Days of Alcatraz - This is my FAVOURITE Emm song!!I just love this song SO much, so you can probably guess how much I like it live...

Hook Machine - this was the FIRST time I heard this song, and I am obsessed!!I can't wait until Emm re-releases Original Leap Year.

Revenge - this song is off her new and up-coming album, Science Fair. After hearing this song, i'm 100% sure that the new album is going to KICK ASS!!

Sabotage - I think that this was a cover...i think...but it sounded really good, so I dont care what it is. I was kind of sad at this point, this was the last song Emm was going to play for the night...but oh well...there's always LILITH FAIR!!

The Philosopher Kings: I have two words for them...YOU SUCK ! ! We stayed for about two or three songs, and the only reason we stayed was to see if Emm was going to come out for autographs. But she didn't so we left after three of the Philosopher Kings songs, but it felt like listening to 100 of their crappy songs. And just before we left, they started to ask the girls for their bras, how pathetic is that ? L-O-S-E-R-S ! and the band was WAY too loud, you couldn't even hear Gerald sing, (like i wanted to hear him anyways). In the end, a very satisfying and fun concert, until the Philosopher Kings went on stage.