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Emm Gryner Survey


Thank you for your interest in filling out the survey. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. Just complete this form and click on submit when ready to send. Your answers will be read by the webmaster and will send you a personal response on your comments. Please fill in ALL fields.

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What is your favourite song on Public

I don't own a copy of the CD
Hello Aquarius
Wisdom Bus
Death Is A New Day
Phonecall 45
The Good You Make
Your Sort Of Human Being
The End
89 Days Of Alcatraz
This Mad

What is your favourite song from Original Leap Year?

I don't own a copy of the CD
Hello Aqaurius
This Mad
The End
Your Sort Of Human Being
Fetching Decay
Hook Machine
Wisdom Bus
89 Days Of Alcatraz
Headline Girl
Big Day

What would you do if you met Emm?

Have you ever seen Emm perform live?

What is your favourite song live?

Should Emm put out a live album soon? Why or why not?

Who are your favourite artists/bands?

What do you do in your spare time?

Have you ever taken any music lessons?

If so, what instrument(s)?

What animal would you like to be?

What animal would you not like to be?

How did you hear about Emm?

What made you become a fan of Emm?

What was the first song you heard by Emm?

Any comments?