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Why Emm


I first heard of Emm Gryner on the radio when I was on vacation in Vancouver, and I immediately liked her single "Summerlong". After Summerlong's popularity died down, I didn't pay much attention to Emm and her music after that. Then I heard that my friend had her CD "Public" and I immediately asked to borrow it. And again, I took an immediate liking to the album. I enjoyed every song on the album, and became obsessed with her album.

I then did everything I could to find out more about Emm herself. I went to every possible site on-line to know more about her, I've been to one of her concerts and one of her press appearances. In my personal opinion, I find that Emm is at her best live.

Emm recently left her record label (Mercury) after it was taken over by Universal. Emm has gone back to being an indie artist with her own record label, "Dead Daisy Records", and I think that if Emm is happy with her decision, so should her fans. So with that, I wish her the best of luck in her future.